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Hello Friends! This is my first project here on Itch.IO!

This GUI pack was designed with slicing and tiling in mind, all the screenshots were composed in the Unity engine and it was designed with Unity's sprite/UI editor in mind. That being said it is designed to work with most engines and you should have no problems implementing it into them.

All textures are composed in an 8x8 or 16x16 scale and are designed to fit together seamlessly.

Contact me if you want commissions or other requests

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Cryo's Mini GUI.zip 61 kB
Cryo's Mini GUI Controller.zip 60 kB
Cryo's Mini GUI Social Buttons.zip 16 kB
Not-So-Mini Pack.zip 20 kB
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Cryo's Mini GUI Paid.zip 173 kB
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I bought in bundle, however, I didn't see the 

Cryo's Mini GUI Paid.zip

You mean you cant download the paid pack?

Yes, I bought a bundle, however, I cannot download the paid zip

Contact me on Discord ( Simo#8094 ) or email at PaperHatLizard@gmail.com please, I can get it sorted out for you :)

Could you add support for more characters like  áéíóú ñ ¡¿ and what have you? Hard to find pixely fonts with more language support!


Thank you for your UI pack!


So this pack is open for comercial use 

Yep, I don't require credit but just don't claim that you made the artwork. You can also sell anything made using my art but you cannot re-sell my own artwork.

Other than that you can treat it as public :)


Hey! I used your asset temporary for some of my UI sprites and wanted to thank you for creating them and making them public of course!

If you like you can check the UI in my game :D :


If you're up for a challenge feel free to try it!

Stay safe!


Found these cute UI assets just when I needed them! Thank you! I used them in my jam game https://sphinx7.itch.io/go-feed-peter

This is amazing thank you for sharing!


LOVE the look of this UI! so I used it for my game demo here https://crosx97.itch.io/journey-of-the-greatest-demo


wow  so cute!

Thank you so much!!


Thanks for creating these amazing assets! Really appreciate as been looking for them quite some time 

Of course! Thank you for using them :)

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Hello! It looks wonderful!

Can i buy it with Visa? if yes, how? 

Hey thanks for the kind comment!

The pack is free with the exception of the font, dungeon map and updated GUI.

I think you should be able to click "Buy Now" on the asset and you'll be prompted with the option to use either PayPal or Card. Both of which accept Visas.

Unfortunately, when I click on "Buy now", I only get a button with PayPal, which is not yet available in my country :C . Therefore, I wanted to clarify whether you have a card payment set up to buy this magnificent pack.

Thanks for your reply

I'm so sorry I didn't even realize that you had to set that up! Thank you so much!!

Card payments should now be working, I was entirely unaware I had to set up those separate from paypal.

Thank you very much! :D


Very nice kit, with many options.

I used it for a jam: https://raaaahman.itch.io/battle-for-liliputia

Looks amazing I'll check it out when I have the chance!! Thank you for sharing :)


Thank you for the icons. I used the health and magic icons in my recent jam game. https://critchley.itch.io/slime-dungeon

That looks great thank you for sharing!!


Really cute !!! I might use it for a project some day!

Thank you! I look forward to seeing your project!!

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Really awesome work, I will use it for a school project! 

I look forward to seeing it! Thank you for the review!


You set the bar too high for your first project my friend. Well done! Damn I already build my UI system but these are so beautiful that I wanna write it from the scratch using these assets.


thank you! I look forward to seeing your game :)


The stats icons are so good!

Thank you so much (:


These are great! I love all the different styles of status bars. 

Thank you so much! (: